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Delivery Policy

Dear customer

Thank you for choosing our virtual product. To ensure that you can receive and use our products smoothly, we have formulated the following delivery policy. Please carefully read the following terms before purchasing:

Product Definition: The term "virtual product" in this policy refers to all non physical forms of products, including but not limited to software, games, e-books, music, online service subscriptions, cloud services, etc.

Delivery method: All virtual products are delivered electronically. You may need to receive products or product activation codes through email, company website, or specific platforms.

Delivery time: The delivery of virtual products is usually immediate, and as long as the transaction is completed and payment is successful, you will immediately receive the product or its activation code. In some cases, there may be a brief delay.

User Account: In order to receive virtual products, you need to have a valid user account. You are responsible for safeguarding your account information and taking responsibility for all activities conducted through this account.

Technical requirements: You need to ensure that your device and network connection meet the technical requirements for product use. We do not assume responsibility for delivery failures caused by your device or network issues.

Activation Code: If the product you purchased includes an activation code, please activate it within [specified time] after receiving the activation code. Activation codes that have not been activated within the specified period will be invalidated and will not be refunded.

Download and Install: For virtual products that need to be downloaded and installed, you are responsible for the download and installation process on your own. We provide necessary installation guidance, but are not responsible for resolving all possible technical issues.

Refund policy: Due to the nature of virtual products, once delivered, returns or refunds are usually not accepted. But in cases where the product is unusable or has serious defects, we may provide certain remedial measures.

Copyright and License: The virtual product you purchased is protected by copyright law. You agree to use the product only in accordance with the license agreement at the time of purchase and not engage in illegal copying, distribution, or sale.

Customer Support: If you encounter any issues while receiving or using virtual products, you can contact our customer support team. We will do our best to help you solve the problem.

Policy updates: We reserve the right to update this delivery policy at any time. Any changes will be announced through our website and will take effect immediately.

Please keep a copy of this policy properly for future reference. Thank you for your support and trust.
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