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NBA 2K21 Badge Grinding Fast & Cheap Xbox Series S/X, PS4 ($4.50 Per Upgrade)

Game: NBA 2K20

Platform: All

Delivery Time: 2 Hours

Price: $4.50 (450 Credits) / 100 Account(s)

Stock: Huge

Offer Ends: Feb-21-2021 15:10:24 PM

Seller: CG Badges offline

Unit: - + × 100 Account(s)

Total Price: $ 4.50 (450 Credits)

NBA 2K21 Badge Grinding Service Xbox Series S | X & PS4.

This is a Service not a Product

To jump to the start of the line for your order add a Reservation for $20 

Price Per Upgrade (Every Category)


$4.50 Per Upgrade (USD)

1 Upgrade - $4.50

2 Upgrades - $9

3 Upgrades - $13.50

4 Upgrades - $18 ( For a Hall of Fame Badge )

5 Upgrades - $22.50


Maxed Badged player:$220 (No More Than 55 Upgrades) (Player ends up being able to be a 91-93 Ovr)


Categories: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Def/Rebounding

Attributes also upgrade while I’m grinding Upgrades.

MESSAGE ME If you're interested in purchasing badges or have any questions .

Contact Info:


Snap chat: drumstick.01

How Does this Process work?

Once you know the badges you want to purchase, message me your the upgrades you want, build, console, & your badge progress screen. Once you pay send your email and password to me & I will notify you when I’m starting on your account. Your account will be safe with me & will be deleted off my console once I finish the order. There is no longer than a 2 or 3 day waiting period. If you are on PS4 you will need to Upload your player file to the online storage through Application Saved data management. If you don’t know how to do that look up how to upload files to the online storage.

Once I start the order will be finished within 2-4 Days depending on the amount of upgrades. Shorter for fewer upgrades. The more upgrades the longer it will take, but I’ll keep you updated on your player. Reservation orders will be finished faster.

How do I know this is Legit ?

I’ve grinded 200+ Accounts since 2k17 & I plan on grinding more. If you want to see any vouchers or of past accounts I’ve grinded let me know. Your account is safe with me and will be deleted off the console once I'm finished.

Do You Provide Refunds ?

I only provide refunds if I haven’t worked on the player. Other than that refunds are not accepted.

(I will be grinding PS5 when I'm able to get a PS5)

Feedback Feedback From Buyer Time


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