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NBA 2K21 Fast & Cheap Badge Grinding Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5 (Read Description)

Game: NBA 2K20

Platform: All

Delivery Time: 2 Hours

Price: $4.00 (400 Credits) / 1 Account(s)

Stock: Huge

Offer Ends: Oct-16-2021 11:06:50 AM

Seller: DJ Johns offline ...

Unit: - + × 1 Account(s)

Total Price: $ 4.00 (400 Credits)

NBA 2K21 Current Gen Badge Grinding (PS4, XB1)              


$3 Per Badge Upgrade 

Maxed Player: $140 (Will be able to be a 92 or 93 Overall)

Half Maxed Player: $75

Brand New Maxed Player : $100

Brand New Half Maxed Player: $55

Overall Goes Up As I Grind the Badges

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Badge Grinding (XBOX Series S/X, & PS5)


$5 Per Badge Upgrade

Maxed Player: $240

NBA 2K21 Current Gen Rep Grinding (PS4, XB1)


85-90 Overall - $30

90-95 Overall - $120


95-96 Overall - $8

96-97 Overall - $8

97-98 Overall - $10

98-99 Overall - $12

99.0 - 99.9 Overall - $10

How Does this Work? 

1. View our Price List above, and Decide what you want!

2. Message one of my contacts 

3. Send a picture of the badge progress screen and let me know what you want.

How Do I know this is Legit?

I have been badge grinding since NBA 2K17. Since then, I've grinded over 500+ accounts and have continued to grind more. I have saved images and screenshots of many of the orders I have finished that I have no problem showing. I've also received over 100 5 Star Reviews on eBay for my Badge Grinding services.

Why buy a badge grinding service? 

Getting your player's badges maxed in NBA 2K21 or 2K20 takes many, many hours. When you buy a badge grinding service from us, you save yourself all this time which you would have otherwise invested into grinding for your badges. 

Some people enjoy grinding and achieving badges by themselves, which is perfectly valid. However, some people do not have time due to work or find it very boring or hard, especially those with multiple builds. In that case, it makes perfect sense to buy a badge grinding service so you can kick back and get straight to the fun in the park with your maxed-out player!

How can I be sure my account won't be stolen?

Your account holds no value to me! When I'm finished doing the badges, I delete the account off my console. Also, It is impossible to steal an account since every account has a specific email associated with it that only the owner has access to, so your account is always recoverable. 

Can I Play on my account while you are working on it?

You can only play on the account when I'm offline. I'll always message you when I'm logging on and off, or if you need to get on, I can log off. 

Can my account be banned from badge grinding?

In over 500+ accounts, I've never had a customer's account get banned. Us grinding your badges is just like you playing my career on your own. It's 100% safe!

Do You Sell Accounts? 

I only sell accounts I've played on, and I'm done with. If you're looking for a legit account, I might have a few when you message me.

How Long Does It Take? 

The amount of time it takes all depends on the size of your order. I'm one of the fastest badge grinders in the game, so I can assure you your order will be done in a quick time window.

Which Payment Methods do you accept? 

I currently accept payment methods via PayPal, Amazon, or Apple Pay.

Contact Info:

Snapchat: drumstick.01

#: 502-281-8709

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